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This website is your official source of information related to the Wilbraham Fiber Network project.


Community Owned Fiber Infrastructure

The Wilbraham Broadband Advisory Committee is continuing the process of researching the possibility of deploying a Town owned open access fiber network that would bring competition and transparency to internet services in Wilbraham. 

The Town of Wilbraham is obligated under State Law to fully disclose all information accurately and honestly in a completely transparent way.  Don’t be fooled by propaganda from any incumbent internet service providers.

The Town will not do anything to impact residents without vetting the processes and performing thorough due diligence along the way.


Wilbraham Fiber

A short video explaining how the network would work if the Town decides to move forward.

This fall Wilbraham will hold a Special Town Meeting to discuss and vote on this project.

Be Informed, Not Mislead.

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