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Why Fiber in Wilbraham?

Reliable internet connectivity is an essential service in the 21st century.  Just as electricity enabled the first industrial revolution, fiber optic infrastructure is the foundation for today's digital revolution.  Historically, Wilbraham residents have  endured a "broadband" service environment consisting of limited providers and service options, exorbitant subscription costs and erratic service.  To effectively create a viable alternative to this predominate, monopolistic business model, the Wilbraham Broadband Advisory Committee believes it is a key priority for the town to stimulate effective telecommunications competition on behalf of our residents and businesses. To that end, we've taken initial steps to jump start the process of bringing our vision to light.

Our primary goals and objectives of this initiative include:


  1. Lowering the cost of internet access for residents and businesses.

  2. Significantly increasing the speed and reliability of internet access.

  3. Inciting true competition to give residents multiple options in selecting an Internet service provider, on demand and in real time.

  4. Stimulating economic development, fostering innovation and, ultimately, increasing property values.

  5. Improving services provided to the Town by way of public safety, transportation, healthcare, education, emergency communications and new services that will become available by leveraging this advanced network. 


We believe these goals and objectives to be fully attainable through the deployment of an advanced fiber optic network; one featuring on an "open access" infrastructure, thereby providing innovative service delivery options for any type of telecommunications service(s). This network, and the service providers it will attract, will ultimately empower subscribers with vastly increased online speeds, reliability, variety and options versus that of any existing telecommunications providers.

The Members of our Committee fully believe the time is right to deploy a new, independent and competitive fiber optic network in order to maximize performance and reliability, while offering more options and tangible value for residents and businesses, alike - but we need your support and feedback to gauge public interest and support. To that end, we've incorporated a short survey, as well as a simple form we hope you'll complete in order to stay abreast of future project developments. Once completed, your address will be featured on our interactive "heat map" which indicates the location of other residents and businesses who have already expressed an interest in learning more about, and potentially subscribing to, this cutting edge service.

We invite you to visit this website often for updates on this exciting opportunity. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback...

A Message from the Wilbraham Broadband Advisory Committee...

Wilbraham Broadband Advisory Committee

240 Springfield Street
Wilbraham, MA 01095