How Do I Get More Information?

Please Indicate Your Interest in Wilbraham's Fiber Effort!

Fill out the form below if you are interested in learning more about this exciting project. Please Note: While you must include a valid Wilbraham address for your home/business to be plotted on the map below, completing this form is not an indication of a legal commitment from any resident or business to either opt-in or subscribe to any proposed services.

Wilbraham Residents & Businesses Interested in Fiber Broadband Service!

The map below tracks residents and businesses who have expressed an interest in learning more about, and potentially subscribing to, Wilbraham's newly proposed fiber network. The town will use this information solely to derive a potential subscriber count in order to further determine the feasibility of building and deploying such a network.

For more information about the mission, history and efforts put forth by the Wilbraham Broadband Advisory Committee to bring this project to life, please visit our official website.

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